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Gray's Anatomy - Henry Gray, Robert Howden, T. Pick, H.V. Carter Can't say that I've read the entire thing. My copy is a reprint of the 1901 edition. Likely this is more useful for historians of medicine and literary scholars of the Victorian period than for current medical practitioners.

Systematic, with drawings (sometimes unintelligible to this layperson) and over one thousand pages of dense writing.

Some samples of the stylistics:

"The root is firmly connected to the rami of the os pubis and ischium by two strong tapering fibrous processes, the crura; and to the front of the symphysis pubis by the suspensory ligament, a strong band of fibrous tissue which passes downwards from the front of the symphysis pubis to the upper surface of the root of the penis, where it splits into two portions and blends with the fascial sheath of the organ" (995).

"They increase during pregnancy, and especially after delivery, and become atrophied in old age. The left mamma is generally a little larger than the right. Their bases are nearly circular, flattened or slightly concave, and have their long diameter directed upwards and outwards toward the axilla" (1022).

It's sufficiently antiquated that I am unable to find in the text, regarding anatomy with which I am vaguely familiar, such as the spine or the shoulder, language that shows up in modern medical practitioners' records--so it's certainly nifty from that perspective.

Recommended for those who like reference libraries.