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What to Do When the Russians Come: A Survivor's Guide

What To Do When The Russians Come: A Survivor's Guide - Robert Conquest, John White The paranoia on display here is rooted in Stalin-era issues, and, in some cases, civil war issues, extended dishonestly into the '80s. Ultimately, silly and crass, childish, superficial, mendacious. Consider the insistence that Uncle Joe hired a bunch of ex-Nazis after WW2, which is likely true. Left unsaid is that the Soviets executed many thousands of fascist war criminals, many more than the US, whereas the US hired many thousands of fascists, more than the USSR. It's the normal sort of willful blindness one finds in this sort of bad propaganda. Plenty of bad economic comparisons are deployed, as well as the cardinal idiocy of assuming that the Soviets had the desire or ability to conquer the US. That the Soviet empire dissolved willingly and for the most part peacefully only a few years after the writing of this text should become an embarrassment to the authors.

All together, makes it difficult to take Conquest's allegedly historical writings on the Soviet empire very seriously.