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Assignment In Eternity

Assignment In Eternity - Robert A. Heinlein Collection of shorts & novellas. The novellas relate to secret ubermensch society; the two shorts are apparent one-offs, involving respectively interdimensional travel and bioengineering. None of the stories have much intrigue, and the novellas lack schwerpunkt. The first novella is a spy narrative, wherein a master infiltrator is inducted into the secret society in order to stop some rich greasers from blowing up the earth with the ultimate weapon. The second novella involves some academics who are inducted into the society by Ambrose Bierce and are used to democratize prana-bindu techniques; they are resisted by rich greasers, who are led by a "creature" in a "wheelchair" that controls unions, commerce, and religious fundamentalists (166); not sure if that's supposed to be FDR or what. Secret society apparently is the scion of Atlantis (134), and the ancient empire was ruled by persons with pagan deity names.

Heinlein fans probably will find something redeeming here.