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Middlemarch: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Reviews and Criticism (A Norton Critical Edition)
Bert G. Hornback, George Eliot
The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann, John E. Woods
Love in the Time of Cholera
Gabriel García Márquez
The Complete Fiction - H.P. Lovecraft, S.T. Joshi Not a review of Lovecraft, but simply of this volume, which is a bookseller's bargain collection.

It's thin on paratext--no notes at all, except a brief introductory bit for each item. Notably absent are his collaborative fictions. It'd've been nice to have some of the more important letters, perhaps paired off with the associated fictions. Some bits of juvenilia are absent. My copy has some severe printing errors in the appendix, which is the Supernatural Horror in Literature essay--the error repeats certain segments of the essay while omitting others.

All those defects and defaults noted, this is a nice reading copy of the collected fictions. The contents are laid out in rough chronological order. Cover design is kinda adolescent. (What else? It's Lovecraft, FFS.)