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Love in the Time of Cholera
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The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World - David Icke Basically a chronological encyclopedia of tinfoil-hatism, this one weaves together most of the more famous conspiracisms into a grand narrative, wherein the transdimensional telepathic reptilian villains of Mr. Icke's musings have coordinated on Earth from the time of ancient Egypt to the present, working through various covert mechanisms. Marxism, for instance, was a tool of the aliens, if I recall correctly.

It's plenty clever, with tidy interpretations of religion, drawn from free thinker writings, and slick readings of corporate logos: Texaco's "T" is really a T-square, which refers to masonry, which refers to the Illuminati, which refers to Egypt, which refers to the Babylonian Brotherhood, which gets us to aliens. Similarly, the Chevron logo, a pair of chevrons, is to be seen as a three dimensional image of a cornerstone. Ergo: masonry, Egypt, aliens. It's kinda cool, to be honest.

But, yaknow: aliens. Not just regular old transdimensional telepathic reptilians, but satanic, hemophagic, pedophiles.

Anyway, it's all good fun until someone loses their mind. The basic evidence for the central allegation is that the author personally knows a decent number of actual telepaths who have detected the aliens. All that's left is piecing together the clues that the aliens have left for us to find in our public monuments, writings, and history--whether stupidly or ironically is not manifest.

Recommended for bored crypto-fascists, non-telepaths who want to believe, people who take the X-Files too seriously.